Why Lead Interactive Flat Panel is still the best

Lead Flat interactive Panel is an all in one device designed with an advanced touch technology, which enables finger touch, and pen-writing, with inbuilt OPS computers, Android 6.0/8.0 interface for App download, speakers and TV.

It gives you a ‘wow’ experience, quality visual interactions/collaboration in the workplace, boardroom, and passion for learning in a multimedia classroom.

It is one of the latest technologies in the corporate environment today, which is rapidly replacing the normal Projector- Interactive Whiteboard because of its numerous advantages.


Some of the advantages are:

  • It does not need a projector to function therefore saving more money from repairs of projector and interactive board periodically.
  • It has inbuilt PC inside therefore there’s no need to worry about buying laptops.
  • It has inbuilt interactive whiteboard software that makes it possible to write smoothly on it either with your finger or the stylus pen.
  • It can be used as a video conferencing solution just by adding an HD camera and wireless video conferencing microphone. This can also help the institution reduce the cost of traveling for meetings as most meetings can be held within the company’s premises connecting via the system.
  • It turns your classroom into a dynamic collaborative hub and brings your learning to life with stunning visuals, crisp sound and access to inspiring content and applications. You’ll be able to automatically record notes or capture screenshots in real-time. It can be used for PowerPoint presentations, staff meetings, brainstorming and training sessions in the departments/boardroom as the case.
  • There’s no need for HDMI, VGA and Power cables replacement.
  • There’s no need for a projector’s lamp replacement.



  • Varied Sizes of 65”, 86’’ are in stock. However, other sizes like 55’’, 75’’ and 100’ are special orders and may take more time (3-4 weeks) to be available.
  • 20 points touch:  Multi-touch display allows collaborative interactivity in any school or work environment.


  • Window 10 Pro+ Android 6.0 dual OS
  • Touch and pen-enabled.
  • Quad-Core for Android CPU processor.
  • True UHD 4K 3840*2140 pixels.
  • 2*15W speakers.
  •  Anti-glare tempered glass to protect eyes.
  • OPS PC Core i5- 8G 128G SSD 4th Generation/ OPS PC Core i7- 8G 128G SSD 6th Generation.
  • Connectivity: An array of input and output ports including HDMI, USB3.0, and OPS.
  • Password can be set to lock the screen

4K Ultra High Definition resolution, capturing your audience’s attention for your videos, images, and presentations


 Dual Systems of Android 6.0 and OPS Windows system          
Supporting 20-point touch, making it easy for students to work together at the same ti Abundant teaching tools coming with our education software to make teaching and learning more easier


All channel annotation to allow presenters annotate more freely even with only Android system

Wireless screen sharing just by one-button click


Setting up smart classrooms with our IFPs

Lead IFPs help facilitate brainstorming sessions


We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements. We look forward to your invitation with the opportunity to show you at no cost how these items can help your students’ standout and as well boost your brand value.

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