What you need to know about Lead Interactive Whiteboard

This article tells you what you need to know about Lead Interactive Whiteboard. The lead interactive whiteboard is a device that enables the teacher to control the computer from the board itself rather than using a keyboard and mouse. This means that it emulates both a mouse and a keyboard. It is connected to a multimedia projector which allows the user to display anything that is on their computer for an audience, and to control the computer from the interactive whiteboard itself. This means that the same activities done/ applications run on the computer can be done directly on the Leadboard simply by clicking in the right places on it.

They are used in a different settings, like classrooms, starting from kg class  to tertiary institutions, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms, etc.

Most IWBs like LEAD Interactive whiteboards are supplied with software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction opportunities. These generally include the ability to create virtual versions of paper flipcharts, pen and highlighter options, and possibly even virtual rulers, protractors, and compass which are instruments that would be

How an Interactive Whiteboard works?

The Projector beams image of the computer screen onto the Lead Interactive whiteboard, the Computer sends messages to the data projector and receives messages from the whiteboard. On the interactive board, every single touch either with a pen or finger is like a mouse-click on a computer screen. Whatever is done on the interactive whiteboard is sent back to the computer  where the required changes occur    

Importance Of Interactive Whiteboard for schools

LEAD Interactive whiteboard offer a lot of advantages to the school as a whole and also to the teacher and learners. It allows learning activities that were impossible to imagine in a traditional classroom environment as outlined below:

To The School

It comes with applications for all ages and supports use of other educational software or applications on it.

Increased teaching time since teachers are able to present web-based and other resources more efficiently(Walker, 2003)

It offers more opportunities for collaboration, engagement and interactive discussion in the classroom

Supports virtual learning and use of educational of resources

To the teachers

Ability to  integrate ICT skills while teaching

Increased spontaneity and flexibility, since teachers can draw on and annotate a wide range of web-based resources(Kennewell, 2001)

Ability to save, print, share and replay all activities done(images, videos, powerpoint presentations, etc) on the board. This can be used for revision of past lessons and also can be reused for next sessions with little or no changes made.

It encourages professional development to teachers by inspiring them to change their pedagogy and use more ICT, encouraging  (Smith, A., 1999)

It allow teachers to take standard lessons and turn them into interactive activities, which make the class more fun for the student while learning.

To the students

Ensures efficiency: Since the board allows for saving and printing of notes , there may be no need for note taking, therefore, the time taken to write note is used fro more efficient things

It has touch technology which means that learners do not have to use a keyboard to engage with it

It increases fun and motivation, giving greater opportunities for participation and collaboration,developing students’ personal and social skills (Levy, 2002)

It  promotes collaboration among student and group of discussion by seeing, hearing and interact with the board by touching

It can be an effective tool for brainstorming due to the fact that notes can be taken on the board and saved to be shared and distributed to students latter

It allow children to interact with the learning material which makes them part of the lesson.

The LEAD Interactive whiteboard requires low maintenance, chalk or markers are not needed by the teacher. Use of LIWB encourages everyone to be part of the learning or a group discussion which brings more unique ideas to the table and increases productivity.  Our indigenous brand, LEAD Interactive whiteboard, offers you the opportunities to learn new things and brings virtual ideas to real-life using animation, Countries around the world can be seen right in the classrooms and various contents can be viewed by just clicking on the world map.

Having the right tools in your toolkit always makes the biggest difference, especially in the classroom. Lead Electronic Distribution ltd helps businesses and educational institutions make the best selections for all of their education-related technology solutions. You can contact us to start a discussion on how interactive whiteboards can benefit you.

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