A true multi-User interactive display board, encourages students collaboration in a classroom and small group learning. Intuitively designed for all level of education.  

Designed with simplicity, seamless user-friendly experience,  write smoothly with fingers or stylus pen, annotates on videos and capture any moments, real time recording, and share files. 2 to 5 years warranty.


LEAD Interactive boards support single or up to ten users to write on the board simultaneously. The latest infrared technology behind the design makes it possible, and this gives seamless group work and collaboration in a classroom and engaging in a digital workspace.

Perfect fit for virtual/online classes:

LEAD Interactive Board is designed to give our users unbeatable online user experience by just adding a couple of gadgets.

One time simple calibration:

You see when you use LIB in your classroom or office you don’t have to recalibrate the board again, therefore, saving you lots of time, stress, and money.

Share files, edit, print, import, or export files:

You can prepare your lesson note in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel or in any other file format and import it on the board and annotate it seamlessly. That is giving you no boundaries to what you can do on LEAD Interactive Board.

Write smoothly (no breakage on writing): 

With LEAD interactive board you won’t encounter with the breakage while writing, it gives you smooth and seamless writing flows. Coated with Nano-material, anti-reflection, anti-glare, a marker can write and erase.

 Very Durable and rugged (best hardware award):

The only board that offers you 2-5years warrantee and guarantees 100% returns on your investment within the first year of purchase. This is enough to do business with us.

Flexible software (accept other educational software of your choice)

LIB is designed in order to allow the use of Smart Notebook software on your board, which offers you a huge cut in the cost of acquisition. I can tell you why.

Real-time recording and playback: 

With this feature, you’re at a vantage position to use this LIB in your classrooms and offices for training, and record each step of the training and meetings save or playback to those absent from the training.

Accept finger and stylus pen (no need for redundancy without pen)

Now no more worries about lost stylus pen or expensive battery replacement, LIB completely removes this stress, saves time, and saves money; you can write on the surface of this board with a non-electromagnetic pen or with your finger any opaque object.

No maintenance needed:

LEAD interactive board is designed with advanced infrared technology with anti-scratch surface thereby making your board work smoothly and continuously for a long period of years.

Plug and Play:

It is a plug and play, which means once the software, has been installed into your system you don’t have to worry yourself with the system set up anymore. Just connect LIB to your system via USB interface that’s all.

Inbuilt teaching resources: 

Engage students with the vast interactive teaching resources and educational games any instructor needs to execute a perfect and impactful training.


Our Models

LEADBoard SMT-96 Interactive Board

LEAD BOARD SMT-83 Interactive Board

LEADBoard SMT-87 Interactive Board

Lead Mobile Interactive Whiteboard