Lead interactive whiteboard, preparing learners for the future. Developments in information and communication technology in this 21st century have deeply changed the way that we do things including the way we learn and teach in schools. Having the right tools in your toolkit always makes the biggest difference for your school or organisation. Smart Schools embrace the use of an interactive whiteboard in their classrooms. An interactive whiteboard is one of the phenomenal tools used in teaching and learning activities; it is a large, interactive display that is connected to a computer and a multimedia projector. Users can write on it with a stylus pen or fingers. The interactive whiteboard is a fusion between the blackboard, whiteboard, and the computer.

This means that all that can be done in a blackboard and whiteboard are incorporated into the interactive whiteboard. They are used as replacements to the traditional whiteboards, to provide ways to interactively show learners anything that can be presented on a computer’s desktop. The beauty of this technology is seen in its versatility, that is, it can be used in all levels of learning from KG – Primary – Secondary -Tertiary institutions. LEAD Interactive Whiteboard enables users to highlight, annotate, or write on any document, videos or web page on their computer and then take a screenshot to present their work later or save and share it with other users.

As schools look for ways to bring the learning environment into the future, LEAD Interactive Whiteboard offers these benefits to equip your classrooms for success:

Used as a digital Hub: LEAD Interactive Whiteboard accommodates different technologies for dialogic teaching and learning such as presentations, graphics, sound, images, videos, media files, and online activities such as worksheets, games and other digital resources.

E-learning Solution

LEAD Interactive whiteboard provides a comprehensive platform which can be used to deliver a top-notch virtual class by simply downloading Zoom application or Microsoft Team. Moreover, our seasoned engineers would train users on how to use those applications to achieve this goal. It also caters for all types of educational environments. Also using it, a teacher can digitize lessons( upload them on online platforms or cloud storage and make them accessible to students to follow along on their own devices.

Integrates Technology

Interactive whiteboard technology allows for the integration of various other technologies to enhance student learning.such as speakers, cameras, video conferencing systems, computers, etc. Interactive apps can also be used on IWBs to illustrate concepts and further teach interactive lessons.

Increases the Level of Engagement between Teachers and Learners

Usage of interactive whiteboard eliminates one-way presentation during teaching which is always boring.The learners are engaged with the use of text, images, videos and/or audio files in teaching. For example, a teacher can play an audio file during the vocabulary class while students are given the chance to pronounce the words. Also a video clip can be used to display lessons taught in class, thus giving the learners vivid experiences.This makes the class more engaging and productive. The more interactive the lesson, the more likely that students will engage with and learn the lesson/course effectively.

Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles

Learning comes in different ways, however, before the advent of IWBs, education has always favored a particular learning style, putting many others at a disadvantage. While some are good auditory learners(able to learn better with audio), others are great visual learners. An interactive whiteboard helps all learners learn in a way that best suits them. Also, it helps students with hearing impairment to benefit from visual presentations from video clips and those unable to see partially or completely can also learn more using audio presentations.

Provides a Database of Lessons

One of the advantages of using an interactive whiteboard in the educational system is the ability to record every lesson. Every lesson can be recorded and playback or even printed and shared among students.Each lesson notes, presentation slides and videos can also be organized either in folders or courses and this can continue from year to year. These can be uploaded to online platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and a playlist created for easy viewing.

LEAD Interactive Whiteboard is designed in such a way that all these benefits are incorporated, it comes with over 350 educational resources and 50 educational games. It is a board you can’t afford to miss in your classrooms because it gives your students a wow experience. Our brand of interactive whiteboard enhance education quality and send a strong message about an institution’s commitment to preparing its students for the future. It comes in a variety of sizes such as 83”, 87’’ and 96’’to match your specific needs and requirements.

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